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Conservatory Heating

Somerset based DGA Frames, not only manufacture and supply conservatories and doors, but also are suppliers of awnings, canopies, fascias and soffits. To find out more call DGA Frames now on Weston Super Mare 01934 628844.

DGA Frames also offer a range of products that can enhance the the practicality of your conservatory, these products include Underfloor Heating, Air Conditioning and Conservatory Radiators.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning has enormous advantages when installed in the home and also in a conservatory, this is for a number of reasons. Air Conditioning can be particularly beneficial when installed in a conservatory due to the fact that conservatories are renowned for being very hot in the summer and cold in the Winter.

Visually, a conservatory is always an attractive and inviting room, but these extreme temperatures make it impossible to relax in. The true advantage of air conditioning is that not only will it cool your conservatory during the spring and summer months, it will heat your room during autumn and winter.
Interior and exterior air conditioning units are available for supply an installation at DGA Frames, Weston Super Mare, Somerset.

Slim line Panel Heaters

Radiators will normally require plumbing into the existing central heating system with the possible need to upgrade the boiler to cope with the extra demand. Running the conservatory radiators will also run the rest of the house central heating system unless complex control valves have been installed.

However, DGA Frames offer wall mounted electrical panel heaters for your conservatory. These have the benefit of being independent of your central heating system and so they are easier to install. Modern electric panel heaters heat up quickly so you will quickly feel the benefit of their warmth. Their running costs are also relatively low due to quality installation.
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